APD and TxDOT warn against impaired driving on NYE weekend


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “If you are inebriated or hindered from being able to operate a vehicle safely in any way, don’t. Find someone who can, stay put, find a sober ride, do whatever it takes, but don’t ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have alcohol or other drugs in your system,” said Sonja Gross, Public Information Officer for TxDOT Amarillo.

The Amarillo Police Department agrees. Not only is alcohol impaired driving physically dangerous, but it could also wreck your wallet.

“If you’re worried about the money, a DWI is $17,000, and that’s if you just get arrested for DWI,” said Sgt. Carla Burr, Public Information Officer for APD. “That’s not if you hurt somebody or kill somebody. That’s just the arrest and all the fees, going to court.”

Sgt. Burr said not only is the issue of alcohol-impaired driving a frustrating one, but a 100 percent preventable one.

“There’s no reason, there’s absolutely no reason for people to drink and drive. None. Whatsoever,” she emphasized. “We have all the ride share services, we have a taxi service, there’s limos that you can rent, you can take a wrecker, there’s always people willing to give their friends rides.”

So, what are some other things you can do to keep yourself safe this holiday weekend?

“Have that seatbelt on. Make sure your care is in proper working condition, make sure you’re in proper working condition,” Gross said. “When you get in that vehicle, make sure you’re secured properly as well as your passengers.”

For more information on preventing drunk driving crashes, including area efforts, click here.

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