You provide them with hands-on training and they provide you with a low-cost trip to get your teeth cleaned. 

There are only eight months left until Cheyenne Bilberry gets paid to do what she loves. For a student who originally was uncertain of her career goals, you could say she’s a natural.

“I just, didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a long time and I’m from Lubbock and so they didn’t have a dental hygiene program there in Lubbock, so eventually I realized that there was one in Amarillo and we made the move to Amarillo and I’ve loved it ever since,” said Cheyenne Bilberry, Student.

She along with 20 other classmates made a two-year commitment to join one of the top growing fields across the nation.  

“Projected out for the next number of years. Probably 15 or 20. It’s a great field to be in, dental hygienists can work full time, part-time. You know if you like people and enjoy being dependent, working along with your dentist, it’s a wonderful profession to be in,” said Donna Cleere, Program Chair for Dental Hygiene at Amarillo College-West Campus.

They charge $35 for an initial intake, while in the community we’re told the cost is about $70-$90 and if a patient needs additional treatment AC charges $70. While officials said a regular dentist office charges more. 

Those dental services are completely free for students, staff, and faculty at AC.

To make an appointment call Rachel at 806-354-6050.