Amarillo’s Interim City Manager Faces The Public

Amarillo’s interim city manager faces the public for the first time since the 9-1-1 controversy.
Terry Childers is at today’s city council meeting but, don’t expect him to discuss the issue.
Requests for an interview with Childers were met not only with a “no”but, reporter Kelly James was told Mr. Childers will not be discussing the issue at all anymore.”
Even though he may not be talking about it. The people of Amarillo are.
In fact, an online petition was started today demanding Childers’ resignation.
Looking at the dozens of comments, Childers doesn’t have a lot of support at least not there.
Among the city council, Mayor Harpole would not comment on the issue but, Dr. Brian Eades did.
He says Childers did not treat the 9-1-1 operators with respect and that he’s never been prouder of a city employee for remaining cool in the face of pressure.
It’s election night, so the city council isn’t expected to take too long. But, the length of the meeting may not be in their hands.
Childers and the city council may not be talking about this but, the public is. They may extend the meeting tonight during the public comment section.

UPDATE:  The interim city manager may have broken the law with his calls to 911.

An Amarillo attorney advised Terry Childers Tuesday during the city council meeting that he should refrain from speaking about the incident for his own legal good.

Chris Hesse cited Texas law in claiming Childers illegally abused three 911 operators.

Texas penal code 42.061 deals with silent or abusive calls to 911.

A person commits an offense if the person makes a telephone call to 911 when there is not an emergency and knowingly or intentionally remains silent or makes abusive or harassing statements to a PSAP employee.

“There could be three different agencies that could investigate him. There could be local Amarillo PD. Could be the sheriff’s department here, they have jurisdiction. Maybe even state troopers.” Hesse said. “For a misdemeanor class B, it would be Potter county attorney Scott Brumley who would prosecute him”

Prior to Hesse’s statements to the city council, Childers read a statement expressing his regrets over the incident.  Though he stopped short of offering an apology.

This all started Valentine’s day when Childers called 911 three different times threatening the operators’ jobs while demanding police shut down an entire hotel because he lost his briefcase.

The controversy has spawned an online petition demanding Childers’ resignation. Tuesday alone, they’ve already collected nearly 1,500 signatures.

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