AMARILLO, TX (KAMR/KCIT) — Meet Jasmine Taylor, owner of the budgeting business, Baddies and Budgets.

“We got a $1,200 stimulus check, and I used that to start the business,” she recalled.

Taylor said the business was born out of frustration in 2021, after graduating with a college degree but still living check to check, with bad credit and no money in her savings.

“I bought the Shopify, bought my domain, bought my inventory and start it and we did like $8300.00 profit in the first month. We’ve been profitable since we started. We started at home. And we moved from home, we outgrew there, we moved to a storage unit, we outgrew that one moved to the biggest one they had, and so we’ve been here about four months,” she explained.

Taylor told KAMR the vibe of Baddies and Budgets is empowering women and teaching financial literacy skills through a strategy called cash stuffing.

“It’s taking whatever budget you prefer, and you handle it in actual tangible money. So, you take the whole check work through your budget, however, you’re going to work through it. Then you separate the individual categories into envelopes, and you stuffed the cash inside of the envelopes,” she detailed.

Baddies and Budgets is Amarillo-based, but the vibe is nationwide, with appearances on several national news outlets like CNBC.

“The CNBC thing was surreal. I was kind of like, ‘why did they want to know about what we’re doing?’ But when people see our numbers on paper, they’re always like, oh, you’re really running a business. It was just really cool to get more exposure and get our business out there. We went to CNBC, we did Fox News, we did Good Morning America,” she said.

In the process of vibing and empowering people, they’re doing serious numbers.

“We’re on track this year to hit about $1.5 million at the end of the year, with steady growth. I think our very first year in business we did around 230,000 last year we did around 850,” she told us.

Not only do the baddies make sales through e-commerce, social media and content creation is a money-maker too.

You can find Baddies and Budgets on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.