An Amarillo teacher is doing more than teaching, she is inspiring.

Libbi Duncan went on her Christmas break, a viral sensation.

She turned herself into a present under the Christmas tree for the best costume contest at Amarillo High School.

“It was overwhelming and really surreal and even in the weeks since then it has just been an overwhelmingly positive experience,” said Libbi Duncan.

Duncan posted her picture on Reddit and quickly went viral.

“I took a selfie before work and just threw it up there and didn’t really expect much to happen with it but it definitely blew up.  Throughout the day, I noticed that it kept getting more and more votes and a lot of comments,” added Duncan.

Duncan isn’t just creative with her hair and the holidays, she is a published author who is about to release her second teen novel.

“It really gives me a positive outlet for my creative thoughts,” said Duncan.

Duncan says writing and cos-playing help her get through the struggles of dealing with a genetic disorder, Marfan Syndrome. 

“It is actually kind of scary, I have  had a couple of collapsed lungs and some heart trouble with it and so having books to write and costumes and all of these supportive communities have been a good way to keep myself distracted and uplifted.”

She hopes her positive outlook helps her students as well.

“It makes it easier for me to be involved with them, just to show that it is okay to be silly sometimes and follow your passion and do things that other people enjoy,” said Duncan.

Duncan is also an Army veteran.

She says she hopes she is teaching her students they can overcome anything and to use creative outlets to get through any struggles.

To learn more about Libbi Duncan and her books, click here.