About eight minutes after posting today’s request to help identify the man that helped in this case, a Nixle subscriber notified us of a social media post by a man he knew that mentioned this incident.  
APD made contact with the man, confirmed his identity, and confirmed that the female had one leg over the fence when he saw her.  
He stopped his vehicle, got out, and was able to speak to her and have her step away from the edge and down from the walkway.  
She is safe, and many people appreciate his willingness to get involved.  
APD Crisis Intervention Team officers would like to contact and thank an individual that took action which could well have saved the life of a person who was suffering from a mental health crisis in northwest Amarillo today. 
At 11:42 AM, officers were sent on a call of a female that was “trying to jump off” the pedestrian bridge at Amarillo Boulevard and Florida. The call indicated that she was “half way off the fence” and that a man was on the scene, “trying to get her off the fence.” The elevated walkway has a protective fence type barrier. 
When officers arrived, they were told that the male had either talked or pulled her from the outside of the fenced portion of the walkway. The man left before officers could fully identify him and determine the extent of his actions. 
CIT officers talked to the woman and believe she was in a mental health emergency and that the man’s immediate assistance may have saved her life. Officers have some detail of the man’s identity, but not enough to allow them to contact him. 
If you are the person that helped out today, thank you, and if you would not mind providing the Police Department with some information about the incident, please call Crime Prevention at 378-4257 or contact us by e-mail, APDCrimePrev@amarillo.gov.