Amarillo Police Thanks the Community using YouTube


They’re three simple words.

But members of the Amarillo Police Officer’s Association are hoping it makes a powerful impact.

It’s a video called “Thank You, Amarillo”.

It was posted last night and so far it has close to 2,000 views.

In light of recent events across the nation involving the targeting of police and conflicts with police Sergeant Carla Burr from the Amarillo Police Officer’s Association decided to do something about it.

And she did that by starting with this video.

It’s a little more than two minutes.

And in it you can see several law enforcement officers from various units making an appearance.

Sergeant Burr says that while nationally police are getting a bad rep, here in Amarillo they’ve experienced a surge of public support.

That’s why she says they want the public to know how much they mean to them.

“I met this guy yesterday at the police department while I was trying to get all this done and he’s from Dallas and he said that our police department changed his attitude about police officers. That he hated police until he came up here and his encounters with us has changed it. So if I can get one or two people, that’s perfect, that’s awesome,” said Sergeant Carla Burr, Amarillo Police Department

Burr says a couple of weeks ago a few officers sent her an email saying they’ve been getting a lot of love from the public and that they should really say something because the rest of the country is not feeling the love.

She says she thought about doing something like this video about a year ago when the late Officer Scherlen was in his accident.

She tells us that’s because they got a lot of support then as well but she couldn’t make it come together.

Sergeant Burr tells us they have more projects in the works that’s similar to the “Thank You, Amarillo” video but no word yet on what they could be.

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