Amarillo Police: Multiple Telephone Scams Reported

There have been a number of the “regular” telephone scams reported to law enforcement this week. The “failure to show for jury summons and warrant” scam reported by Potter County Sheriff’s Office is also often reported by the Randall County Sheriff’s Office. A variation of that scam happens when someone claiming to be from the Amarillo Police Department tells victims that they have an outstanding traffic warrant, and tries to arrange for payment over the telephone.

Another one we saw this week was in the form of what is often referred to as a “robo-call.” The robotic voice tells intended victims that they are “under custody” by “the local cops.” It continues by saying that there are “four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case….”. It then continues with the same voice, this time claiming to be from “investigative team of IRS.” The message again asks victims to call a telephone number.

Another one we heard this week originated with a call from someone pretending to be from a local cable company. The caller told the cable customer that they were going to install new hardware which would cost a certain amount, but that they would receive a credit on their cable bill for a portion of it. The suspect then tried to obtain bank account information to complete the purchase of equipment…but would no doubt end with emptying the account.

Still, another was promising to deliver a new CPAP machine to replace an older model the man was using. In that incident, the victim was suspicious as the caller was not his normal supplier, but did not catch on until he had provided some identifying information to the scammers.

In all of these cases, victims received calls from an unverified source who may sound very official and who may even have some information about the victim. In each case, the caller wanted the victim to call them or tried to get a bank or other information. These are all variations of common fraud attempts that happen locally every day. Fortunately, we hear more often from those that DO NOT rather than DO become victims. Please help educate your friends and family to prevent this crime. Hang up on callers that ask for a bank, credit card, PIN number, or personal information. You do not need to report these attempts to the police department unless you have actually lost money. Please visit the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker reporting at This site is an excellent resource to report and learn about scams.

If you’d like the Amarillo Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit to come out and talk with your group or organization about how to protect yourself from the latest commons scams, call 806-378-4257 to schedule a no-cost presentation. 

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