AMARILLO — Amarillo Police arrested 31-year-old Taurean Savaar Johnson after a Sunday evening personal robbery near V&M Discount. 

The witnessed told Amarillo Police that he was hanging out with a few friends, when Johnson asked about going inside and playing video games. 

The victim declined and Johnson then pulled out a black semi auto pistol and demanded money from the victim. 

The victim handed over his wallet to the suspect. The suspect left and the victim called the police. 

The victim was able to give a location of where the suspect might be and officers located the suspect in the 1200 block of SW 11th. 

Officials took Johnson into custody and police received a search warrant in attempt to locate the weapon. After executing the search warrant, officers recovered and seized into evidence a semi auto handgun from the suspect’s apartment. 

Officials arrested Johnson and booked him into the Potter County Corrections Center on a charge of Aggravated Robbery. 

No one was injured.