Amarillo Non-Profit Solicits Help from Local Residents to Bring Clean Water to People of Uganda


A local couple is making an impact half-way across the globe with their non-profit 25:35 Water. 

“Our name is 25:35 Water and we get that name from scripture, Matthew 25:35, where Jesus says ‘I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,’” Kimberly Matthews explained. “I feel like a lot of times when we read scripture, we try to read between the lines and make it a little more difficult than it needs to be and I just love how he makes it so simple. If you see a need, meet that need. And when you do that, you do it for him.” 

Kimberly, along with her husband, Eric, were missionaries in Uganda in 2012, when they realized just how dire the need for water is in the east African country. 

“Most people think not having water just means they’re thirsty,” Kimberly Matthews continued. “But really, not having water means that kids aren’t going to school because they are spending their days searching for water, it means hospitals don’t have medication because they’re spending their money on water, schools don’t have enough teachers or curriculum because they are looking for water, girls are losing their innocence because they’re going into remote areas to find water.” 

“We started to see that every small, rural village in the area had the same issues,” Eric Matthews added. “You go into any of these villages and the entire village is sharing a dirty pool of water…You’ll have a community of thousands of people sharing that one pool for all their water needs, for cleaning, bathing, eating, drinking.”

The Matthews asked friends and family back home to raise money for a well, to give to the hospital. 
“It’s $10,000 for each well,” Eric Matthews said. “We find a village that has a need and we can drill a well there. Typically, one well will provide enough water for a whole village. Over there $10,000 is impossible, there is no way they can find it. But here, we just have so much that it’s easy to piece that together and change an entire village’s life.” 

The Matthews said the well drastically changed the lives for the people in that village. The hospital was able to construct a new hospital building, and patient care was elevated. That is when they decided to come back to the states and start their non-profit, 25:35 Water. That was in 2016. Since, 25:35 has built 13 more wells in Uganda. They have built three wells, so far in 2019. They have three more planned and another two committed. They hope to build 10 wells by the end of the year.

The goal is something The Matthews and 25:35 could not have achieved without the support of friends, family, local businesses and the Amarillo community.

“Makes the world so much smaller when you see people clear across the world, who are impacted by things that people here, in Amarillo, Texas, are doing,” Kimberly Matthews said.

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