Amarillo National Bank Promotes William and Patrick Ware


Amarillo National Bank announced today that the bank has promoted brothers William Ware and Patrick Ware from their previous roles as executive vice presidents. Patrick Ware has been promoted to Co-Chairman of the bank. William Ware has been named President of Amarillo National Bank. 

The brothers are two of the triplet sons of Richard Ware, who retains his title as Chairman of Amarillo National Bank. They have been with the bank for 15 Years.

William and Patrick’s great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Taliaferro (B.T.) Ware, was part of Amarillo National Bank when it first opened in 1892. The bank has belonged to the family ever since. Last year the bank celebrated its 125th anniversary, and the brothers represent the 5th generation of family management.

“Banking definitely runs in the Ware family, but this isn’t a matter of giving William and Pat a title just because of their last name,” says Cory Ramsey, Senior Vice President, who has worked with the two brothers for years. “They are incredible men and community leaders and we are proud of them. We can’t wait to see how ANB continues to serve Amarillo under their leadership.”

Amarillo National Bank is the largest 100-percent family-owned bank in the United States. “We’re sure lucky to be part of a such a great family bank.  We’re especially honored that Amarillo is our home,” says William Ware. “We’re here to stay.”


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