Last April 2nd, Amarillo Police responded to a robbery on the 400 block of NW 15th.

The delivery driver went to the residence, where 2 men  were sitting on the porch waiting. When the victim walked up to the porch one suspect raised what is believed to be a gun and pointed it at the victim. The suspect began to count down leading the victim to believe he would be shot.

The victim dropped the pizza and left the area.

Officers responded to the address where the incident occurred and found that it was an abandoned residence.

On Thursday night, Amarillo Police responded to a robbery in the 1400 block of North Tyler Street.

A male had called and ordered pizza at an address on North Tyler.

The victim was again met by two men who pointed a gun at his head. The black male told the victim to give him everything he had or that he would kill him. The victim complied and gave everything he had including the pizza, car keys and personal belongings. The victim then ran out of the immediate area and was able to get someone to call the police for him.

The victim was not injured incident.

Officers did find the victim’s car parked in the same location, but the keys were not found. No suspects were located.

There is no evidence to link the two robberies at this point, but the location, suspect descriptions and circumstances appear to be similar.

Anyone with information on these two robberies can call the Amarillo Police Department or Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400. Tips can also be made anonymously online at