Amarillo ISD Superintendent responds to complaint


The Amarillo Independent School District has responded to the complaint filed by Dr. Marc Henson.

AISD said the complaint has been dismissed for several reasons. The first being that Dr. Henson did not file the complaint in time. AISD said all complaints must be filed 15 days after the decision was made. 

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The second reason was the district said Dr. Henson has “lack of standing to assert complaint.” Meaning that the issue in question did not affect him or his children any more than it did other people.

The last reason is that AISD believes the complaint is not valid. They said because the complaint was based on unsubstantiated documents and that as of right now Dr. Henson has not provided recordings regarding the situation that the complaint is based on.

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Dr. Henson posted to Facebook with his response to the dismissal. He says in part:

“The many small factual errors in his response related to our conversation and my provided written materials sadly indicate the district’s purpose was focused on their defense and not the actual concerns.”

 Dr. Henson will have a chance to appeal this decision within the next nine days.

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Dr. Henson’s original complaint was filed with the Texas Education Agency, who reviewed it and dismissed it saying he needed to file his complaint with the district first.

AISD’s full response:

Dr. Henson’s full response:

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