Amarillo Invention, Eggmazing, Featured on Shark Tank


Two years ago, Scott Houdashell and Curtis McGill were decorating eggs with their families.  The dye was making a mess and the kids’ disinterest was growing. 

Houdashell decided he needed to do something to make egg decorating more exciting. So he got an electric screwdriver, a hot glue gun, and a spoon and made the first prototype of the Eggmazing. 

With this invention, the boiled egg could rotate. As it rotated he placed the tip of a marker on the egg to color it. The kids were hooked.

“I could tell this was a good idea when the kids weren’t on their phones and they were actually coloring eggs.”

From there, Houdashell made a few other models and having the kids test each one. The last model was Hotwheel tires on a piece of wood with the egg laying sideways on the wheels. Once he settled on his final model, McGill decided it was time to put the product on the market.

Scott got a 3-D printer and designed a more marketable version of the final prototype. They found a sourcing company that manufactured 10,000 Eggmazings and shipped them to Amarillo to sell for the 2017 Easter season. They sold all of the models in 23 days. 

Then, they went to the ASTRA Toy Fair in 2017 and sold the most toys among the vendors. 

Houdashell and McGill presented their toy on the ABC show, Shark Tank. They wrote the pitch and had McGill’s children go on the show to demonstrate how the toy worked. McGill and Houdashell accepted an offer from Lori Greiner for $350,000.

“Anytime you can get in front of six to eight million people on camera and they can see your product that helps,” McGill said “Obviously, Shark Tank is its own phenomenon. It’s been on air for nine seasons. There’s a bit of an entrepreneur in all of us. Everybody wants to create and maybe be our own boss. And that show feeds into the idea of us being kids when we had the lemonade stands.”

Their next goal is to have an international presence. The duo plans on going to the in North American International Toy Fair in New York.

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