AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —Junior and high school students from all across the state of Texas were able to compete in the ‘Visual Art Scholastic Event’ earlier this year. This year there were about 32,000 works of art on the regional level and the top 10% from regionals then head to the state competition.

Out of the 2,000 pieces of art that made it to state only 150 pieces won a gold seal. Amarillo High School Junior Devin Bianco’s art piece was one of the 150 pieces that won a gold seal at the ‘VASE’ competition this year.

Bianco gold seal art piece is now headed on tour and will be showcased in venues and museums across the state of Texas for the next year. The art piece will make stops in Dallas, Houston and the state capital.

“I was flabbergasted. I didn’t realize until later. Like later that night, or almost the next morning that it finally clicked in. And I was like, wait a minute, I’m not getting my art piece back. It’s gone people are going to see it now. It’s going to be shown on Texas, which I thought was huge,” said Bianco.

Amarillo High School art teacher Trina Carlton talked about the first time she recognized creativity in Bianco.

“I really saw a spark in him of creative that I wanted him to do his own thing. And he chose to, we wanted to build with trash. Last year we had this recycled art show at the blank space gallery. He was just all over it and so excited about it. He built this incredible city with lights,” said Carlton.

Bianco said a big struggle that he faced was getting his art piece to the state competition. He added that once the piece arrived to state it actually broke and he had to fix it in 15 minutes with a hot glue gun.

“I was thrilled especially after it was broken, and he was able to fix it. It was just meant to be, it was very special,” said Amarillo High School ceramic and jewelry teacher Starla Kelley.

Bianco’s twin brother Tannon Bianco said that he was excited to see his brother not only go to state with his art but also win the gold seal. Tannon said that the goal for next year is for him and his brother to both make it to state with their art piece.

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