Amarillo Fire Department helps blind man repair his roof


Lovell Smith is 76-years-old and does not let age or the fact that he is blind hold him back.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Amarillo Fire Department responded to a call from an elderly blind man who was stuck on his roof after trying to repair it himself.

Friday, July 5, AFD went above and beyond the call of duty by repairing the roof for him.

“When I first heard about it I go who would try to do that? then I get here and I meet Mr. Smith and I go that’s who would try to do that,” Jeff Justus, AFD community liaison, stated.

Lovell Smith is 76 years old and does not let age or the fact that he is blind hold him back.

After needing his roof repaired and not having enough money to hire anyone he decided to do it himself.

“When it rained little by little it began to take a toll and the sheetrock in my bathroom fell in so that’s the reason I climbed up there to try and repair it,” Smith explained.

Having been up there before, Smith thought he would be able to do the work himself.

“I’ve been up there, I know that roof before I lost my vision I used to go up there,” Smith stated.

Smith managed to get on the roof however, he found getting down to be a struggle.

“I did what I could do and then I realized I couldn’t get down I couldn’t get over to get to that pipe and I was afraid of falling,” Smith said.

“The guys on the Engine 1 crew made a call over here they discovered that Mr. Smith had gone up there to repair his own roof and just needed some assistance getting down,” Justus stated.

To their surprise, this would not be the last time Smith would need their assistance.

On Saturday they realized that Smith had tried to repair his roof once again.

“He’s just so ambitious,” Justus stated.

AFD decided to lend a helping hand by fixing his roof for him.

Materials were donated by one of the firefighters who do roofing as a side job.

Smith was more than grateful for the help and said he expected nothing less.

“You know I thought it was beautiful,” Smith said.

AFD also helped to repair some other minor things around smith’s home so that he would have less to worry about.

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