Amarillo Doctor Sued for Alleged Child Sexual Abuse

AMARILLO - The family of an Amarillo teen is suing a local doctor for child sexual abuse.

The alleged victim is seeking more than a million dollars in damages.

The suit is against Amarillo Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Cone.

Lawyers for the alleged victim said they have filed a complaint with Amarillo Police, but it has been referred to the district attorney for possible charges.

Since the suit was filed Tuesday in Potter County, lawyers for the alleged victim claim four others have come forward with similar complaints.

Here is what we know from the court filing.

It states Dr. Jeffrey Cone was a long time family friend of the victim, becoming his doctor when he was just nine-months-old.

At the age of 15, the alleged victim began working for Dr. Cone as an office assistant.

That is when Dr. Cone is accused of abusing his power as both a doctor and an employer to coerce the teen into sexual molestation.

"How is this going to affect them now for the rest of their lives . . . why did that happen? Am I responsible for making that happen? Should I have stopped him? Should I have let him do that? It's a terrible burden to put on a young person when they're to figure out who they are and how they're going to relate to the world," said Kavin Glasheen, the attorney for the alleged victim.

Glasheen said since they have filed suit, four other possible victims have come forward with similar stories of abuse.

Calls to Dr. Cone's office were transferred to an answering service and have not been returned, but it appears Dr. Cone's office is closed.

An ad in Tuesday's Amarillo Globe-News informs patients his practice was shut down last Wednesday.

Glasheen said that is because Dr. Cone "knows what's coming."

Dr. Cone is a neurosurgeon who owns and operates the Neurological Surgery Clinic here in Amarillo.

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