Amarillo Crime Stoppers: Social media helping find stolen autos


Auto theft is a major problem facing local law enforcement here on the high plains.

But Amarillo Crime Stoppers is seeing the use of some newer technology take them in the right steps toward bring the number down.

Since starting it earlier this year, Cpl. Scott Welling of Amarillo Crime Stoppers said “Stolen Auto Day” has proven effective as they’ve recovered 16 of 19 stolen vehicles.

“Stolen Auto Day” is a weekly release that Crime Stoppers sends out to the public, detailing a recently stolen vehicle. 

According to the Panhandle Auto Burglary and Theft Unit, there have been 449 stolen cars in Potter and Randall counties so far this year, which is an increase from 418 at this point last year. 

Welling said that there is a simple solution when it comes to trying to prevent your car from being stolen. 

“Take your keys out of your car. I think it’s close to 90 percent of the vehicles stolen, have their keys in them, so it’s something that can easily be prevented. Just remember when you get home to take your stuff out of your car, take your keys and lock it,” said Cpl. Welling.

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