Amarillo College Partnering with Apple

AMARILLO, Texas - Coding and app design will be easier for students in Amarillo thanks to a new partnership.

Students in Amarillo will have a path to knowing how to code and design apps thanks to a partnership between Amarillo College and Apple, Inc.

"Apple is training our faculty," said Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, AC President, "they have given us their curriculum and they have certified us to be an Apple school, and we are excited to bring Apple to the community."

Dr. Lowery-Hart said the Amarillo Can Code program and certification will allow students to get hands-on training that is only available at three community colleges in the state.

"We can produce graduates that can immediately start building apps at six figures for companies all over the world while living in Amarillo," said Dr. Lowery-Hart.

The program will also be available to Amarillo ISD students. 

"We will be able to offer this to build help for AISD to build it into their curriculum path," said Tamara Clunis, VP of Academic Affairs, "but also offer it is a dual credit for our young people to be able to get a marketable skill certificate that easily transitions into coding and design certificate, that easily feeds into a coding and design degree. The students can do all of that while they are in high school."

Lirije Haliti, a business student looks forward to the knowledge she will be able to gain from the program.

"The fact that AC is literally bringing the future to Amarillo College is just amazing. It is an opportunity that I will seize to my full extent," said Haliti.

Classes are eight weeks and will be starting in the fall. 

Within one semester, students could become certified.

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