Amarillo City Employee Saves Man’s Life


Armed with only compassion and quick thinking, an Amarillo city employee saves a man’s life. 

Saving lives is nothing new for police or firefighters but, this man works for the water department. 

One day last month, Manuel Hernandez was early in his route and saw something that prompted him to put his job on hold: his fellow man was in trouble.

It’s a story that nearly ended in tragedy.

A regular day on the job was anything but for this city employee.

“I was driving down one of my routes and I was going to my first call. And I seen a gentlemen kind of distorted on the side of the road. And it looked like he was trying to walk out into traffic, I really couldn’t tell what was going on,” said Manuel Hernandez, Meter Rep for Amarillo Water Distribution. 

Personally, he says it was a total shock for him as well. 

That’s because he’s never been in this situation before.

But he knew one thing. 

He knew he had to act and quickly. 

“So I turned on my lights, turned around and tried to shut down the lane. Because cars were barely missing him. And you know I stopped to see what was going on. And he kinda told me his situation, he was having a hard time. He pretty much had given up,” said Hernandez.

After the heart to heart, Hernandez then gave the man a hug, some encouragement–and invited him to join him at his church.

“He was really shocked. He didn’t understand why I stopped, he felt like he wasn’t special. I had to reassure him that he was special to somebody, even if his back was against the wall in the situation, I wanted to make sure that if he feels this way anybody in our city feels this way,” said Hernandez.

Mayor Ginger Nelson also praised Hernandez’s actions on her Facebook page.

So far, the post has more than 300 reactions and several shares and comments. 

Hernandez says he hopes anyone else in the situation would do the same thing he did, which was just intervene to make a difference.

Hernandez says he cares about every single person in this city.

And he’d hate to see anyone in that situation or in that state of mind. 

That’s why he says he had to put his job second, instead of somebody in the city.

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