Amarillo City Council Considering Bike and Scooter Sharing


The Amarillo City Council is exploring the possibility of bringing bike and scooter sharing services to Amarillo.  

Bike sharing would be a transportation option for areas like downtown, Amarillo College, and the medical district.  

Director of Planning and Development Services Andrew Freeman said a lot still needs to happen before that becomes a reality.  

“Big picture, city wide we don’t have a lot of bike lanes, so they would just be riding with the regular flow of traffic,” Freeman said.  “That’s a safety concern.  What it would require is an ordinance that would set the regulations as far as where they can be located, where they are prohibited, where it’s on a certain side of the sidewalk.”

Right now Amarillo doesn’t allow bikes to be on sidewalks and doesn’t have anything on the books regulating bike sharing services.  So the city wants to take a step back and get all of its scooters in a row.  

“What we have directed staff to do, is just to draft an ordinance for a temporary prohibition,” Amarillo Councilmember Elaine Hays said.  “Until we can just research.  There are some benefits and there are some problems.”

The city council sees a need, it’s just trying to decide if this is something it wants to see here in Amarillo.  

“We do have different visitors that come to conventions and events downtown that would like to have some public transportation,” Hays said.

According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, there were 35 million trips taken on shared bikes in 2017.

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