Amarillo City Council Accepts Dr. Brian Eades’ Resignation

The Amarillo City Council looks to fill a vacant seat.
The Council formally accepts the resignation of Place 2 Councilman Brian Eades. This action comes several months after Dr. Eades announced he’s moving to Colorado to continue his work in the medical field.
Though it took four months for Councilman Eades to formally hand in his resignation, it look less than a minute for the Council to unanimously accept it.
Councilman Eades was active in tonight’s meeting, but when it came to commenting on his resignation, his words were few.
He told the council he was appreciative of the time he served.
Now the other council members are responsible for continuing their search for Eades’ successor, something the outgoing councilman says he’s confident they’ll do well.
The Council has narrowed their search to five finalists.
“We pick the questions that they will each be given,” Mayor Paul Harpole said. “They’ll get to decide in their half hour presentation how to address those questions each of them.”
“Today they agreed on what those 10 questions would be, and their process includes providing those questions to the candidates in advance so that everyone is on equal footing for the interviews,” City Attorney Mick McKamie said.
During the process, the Council has discussed ranking each candidate after their interviews.
“I just feel, personally, that I’m happy to say how I’m ranking them at the end of their presentations,” Mayor Harpole said.
But it’s not a sentiment echoed by the Council as a whole.
“I was a little surprised that some of the council members really didn’t want to make their ranking public,” the mayor said.
But if there is a vote attached to the rankings, the documents would legally have to be made public record.
“If, however, it’s just used for the council to look at it and say, ‘Well, I like number one, and I like number two, I’m going to nominate number three — that type of a tool — then that’s just a tool that wouldn’t be public,” McKamie said.
Those interviews will begin next Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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