TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – Well known Temple philanthropist Allison Dickson recently passed, and today the community gathered at Temple High School for a celebration of life.

“No matter what was happening when she was in the hospital this last time she was in ICU and she was still dancing in the hospital bed and still having fun,” says Allison’s friend Laura Palmer.

Allison passed on October 18th at 43 years old. She was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called Werdig-Hoffman disease, only given about a year to live, but beat all odds.

Today’s celebration of life emphasized her heart for philanthropy and joy for life. Classmates shared fond memories of Allison as well as her achievements like graduating first in her class at Baylor Law School.

“She has funded three or four scholarships through philanthropy. She was not this person that had a lot of money. She figured out ways to raise money for causes that she believed in,” says childhood friend Bill DiGaetano.

Allison wanted her memorial to be full of laughter and dancing, because she viewed life as a party. Allison’s motto in life was, “Don’t need easy. Just need possible.” An inspiration to many.