Allergy Season Hitting the Panhandle Early


Spring came a little early this year for the High Plains, leading to more sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.

“We are seeing more patients with worsening symptoms that are not getting any better with the medications that they use over the counter,” said Dr. Constantine Saadeh with Allergy ARTS in Amarillo.

According to as of March 20 some of the worst pollen levels in the Southern states are right here in Amarillo.

Doctor Saadeh says they are seeing a lot more patients because of the extremely high pollen level.

Some of whom haven’t suffered from allergies in years.

“Most of them experienced something as a child and then got better, doing well then all of a sudden allergies flare up,” added Saadeh.

With warmer temperatures already here more pollen will continue to spread.

Doctor Saadeh says if you the outdoors bother you, there isn’t much you can do.

He says, “There is not much you can do but take the medicines, try to stay indoor between four and eight in the afternoon if possible. Then you have to seek professional help if that doesn’t work.”

He says to take over the counter medications to help relieve symptoms.

If you are not feeling better within two weeks, contact your doctor.

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