All Tascosa High Seniors Apply for College

Seniors were encouraged to apply to 4 or 2 year programs or trade-school

AMARILLO - There are 475 members of the senior class at Tascosa High School and they all have applied to go to college or trade schools.

Blake Barton, the senior class assistant principal says, "We went through and insured that every senior that will be graduating from Tascosa filled out the Common Application for college. So, every senior at Tascosa has applied to college."

The goal was established by principal David Bishop when he took the job before the fall semester.
Bishop also completed this goal while being principal at his last school, Caprock High.

Lindsey Hernandez, a senior counselor at Tascosa says, "I think he just kept it at the forefront of our minds, and made sure that we were focusing on that and making sure that it happened. He would check in with us and see where the progress was."

Hernandez says going forward with future senior classes, Tascosa will continue with this goal of having all students apply for universities and trade schools.

"I think what we've really tried to do is make it to where you don't have to go to a four-year university," says Hernandez. "It doesn't mean you even have to go to a two-year university. We have a lot of programs here where you can graduate with a certificate."

Earlier this month, we reported that Amarillo Independent School District received an F grade when it comes to post-secondary readiness by the Texas Education Agency.

"We're trying to do the best that we can with the A-F, and make sure that our kids are ready for college," says Barton. "That is something that we will get better at as time goes on. it's just going to become a bigger push at the high schools."

Hernanadez says students did have the opportunity to apply to any college of their choosing. But if a student didn't know where they wanted to go, faculty would encourage students apply to at least Amarillo College or West Texas A&M.

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