“All Lives Matter” March

A local group comes together with the City of Amarillo and Amarillo Police to organize a march, working to prove that all lives matter.
Vicky Tharpe, the event organizer says, “After looking and seeing all of the bad things that are happening through out America, I decided I would come up with something that would kind of bring peace in the 806 area.”
Brandon Barnes, a fellow marcher says, “You have to try to draw attention to things that are going on. If people don’t get together and talk about it, then you really just can’t get anything done.”
Tharpe tells us there’s a divine reason behind this morning’s march.
“There’s only one God. There is no black God, no white God, no Spanish God, and no yellow God, it’s all one God,” says Tharpe. “I feel like if we realize that we’re brothers and sisters, then we can bring peace among the nation. There’s too much violence, and violence plus violence equals violence.” 
And it wasn’t a coincidence why they chose to do this march in one of Amarillo’s most economically deprived areas, the 79107

“I’ve had the chance to spend a little time in the Eastridge neighborhood where there’s more business going on. The money is able to stay in that neighborhood,” says Barnes. “Here, there’s nothing really going on, the economy is not really moving and any money that is coming in is going out.”
And according to one of the marchers, it’s more than just fixing a present problem.
For Jermaine Johnson, it’s securing a better future.
Johnson says,”We just want everyone to know it not about just black lives matter, it’s about all lives. It’s about police lives, it’s about these young kid’s lives and everybody else in the community.”

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