Alexis Wartena’s parents get custody of children from CPS and are going back home to California


It’s been close to a week since seven year old Alexis Wartena drowned at T-Anchor Lake.           

Since then her parents lost custody of their four kids to Child Protective Services, hired a lawyer and filed a complaint against the Amarillo Police Department.

“Today was a day I’ll never forget,” said Michael Stewart, Alexis’ Mom.

After several days of being separated from their parents, the four Wartena kids are now back with mom and dad.

“It’s been very hard. I’m basically kind of numb right now; I haven’t been able to mourn my daughter cause of everything else that’s been transpiring,” said Michael Wartena, Alexis’ Dad.

Even though the kids were in CPS custody, the parents still had visitation rights.

It was during one of the visits that the mom says she noticed something on her son’s body.

“We noticed a couple of marks on my son Robert’s neck and I lifted up his shirt and turned him around and he had bruises on his back,” said Stewart.

A CPS spokesman tells us that’s because the son had been physically abused at the foster home. The mom says she doesn’t know who or why this was done to her son and she says her son won’t talk about it. Because of that incident the CPS spokesman says there was no need to keep the kids from their parents.

Stewart says if she had not noticed the bruising on her son’s body she wouldn’t have had her kids today. She says they were going to release them tomorrow.

“It’s a celebration but in a way it’s not. Because I still, we still got a long way home and now I gotta start thinking about my little girl. So it’s just almost overwhelming of what we’ve had to go through and endure,” said Wartena.

Jesse Quackenbush, the lawyer for the Wartenas, tells us the family is going back to their home in California tomorrow.

Quackenbush says the scheduled August 2nd custody hearing is still up in the air even though CPS released the kids to their parents.

The Wartenas say whether a lawsuit comes out of this incident is up to Quackenbush.  

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