AgDay 9/19/2019

China's trade officials are due to arrive in Washington Thursday.   ...with meetings taking place with their U-S counterparts later this week.  Washington Correspondent Jim Wiesemeyer saying China is continuing to push an initial  deal focused on agriculture, and other less contentious subjects..  But U-S officials want an overall comprehensive deal.  He says the Trump administration might consider removing new tariffs if there is an  agreement on intellectual property.  South Korea is confirming a second case of African Swine Fever near its border with North  Korea.  Officials were planning to cull some 5-thousand pigs.   It comes on the heels of officials culling nearly 4-thousand pigs earlier this week.   PETA is using the fires in Brazil's Amazon rain forest as a backdrop for its latest campaign against livestock production.   This's targeting a leather company in Chicago. 
  This is the billboard the animal rights group has erected near Horwin Leather Company.
  It shows a cow ripping off the flesh of a leopard next to the words "Wearing leather kills more animals than you think".
  The ad...claiming "Ranchers set fires in the Amazon Rainforest to graze cattle and grow crops to feed them."
  PETA says the production of leather shares responsibility for the environmental hazards of the meat and dairy industries.
  It also claims leather accounts for 20-percent of the commercial value of a cow. 
  But Drovers disputes that...saying today, the value is less than 1-percent...because demand for leather has dropped. 

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