AgDay 8/2/2019

Investors, bankers and farmers watching markets following a new layer of complication in the on-going trade war with China. 
The concern follows the president's announced plans to increase tariffs on China beginning next month. 
His administration says they're frustrated with the pace of progress.
Larry Kudlow: "The president was not satisfied with the progress of the talks. And he indicated in good faith, a very respectful note to President Xi. But we hope to continue the talks in September.
China is now threatening to retaliate...
Trade tensions finding their way to the balance sheets of some of agriculture's biggest businesses.
Archer Daniels Midland or ADM announcing second quarter earnings, showing adjusted profits are down 41. 
The company blaming a multitude of factors from trade, african swine fever and the wet planting season. 
A bill allowing more farmers to be eligible for Chapter 12 headed to the president's desk. 
The measure doubles the eligibility cap to 10 million dollars.
New numbers show farm bankruptcies are up 13 percent this year.
And a new study from the university of deleware shows tart cherry juice can improve memory and cognition.
The participants drank about 16 ounces a day--half in the morning the other half at night .
Tart cherry juice has long been used to help treat variety of health problems. 
Researchers are hoping to do a bigger study to confirm these initial findings.

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