Ag Day 7/23/2019


What are you having for breakfast this morning? How does ice cream sound?

Private Chinese firms are asking for tariff exemptions on U-S farm goods so they can buy more US ag products.  That’s according to the Zing-won News Agency in China. But it’s not known exactly what American ag products the Chinese would possibly buy.  This comes during a time when no face-to-face trade talks are scheduled between the U-S and China.

Farmers are remaining productive longer.  That’s according to the government’s Current Population Survey.  In the U-S last year, the median age for farmers was 56-point-4 years old.   It’s attributed to technology, help from seasonal hires and family members, and a general improvement in the health of U-S seniors.  But some worry without the older farmers, there might not be enough people interested in ag to support America’s food production needs.   

What are you having for breakfast this morning?   How does ice cream sound? A new study says eating ice cream every morning can significantly boost your mental performance and alertness.  Researchers at Reading University say it may be due to the fact that a high glucose meal aids mental capacity. But, while the sugar may give you the instant perk…making it a regular meal could ruin your health. 

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