AgDay Minute for 06/27/2019


Could there be a truce of sorts in the trade war with China?

The “South China Morning Post” reporting the two sides have agreed to a tentative truce in order to resume talks at the G-20 summit this weekend.

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Japan at the conference right now, and scheduled to meet on Saturday.

President Trump saying a trade deal was possible this weekend but he’s also prepared to impose more tariffs.

Donald Trump says, “We have lost billions and billions and trillions of dollars with china. Right? We’re now taking in billions and billions of dollars and i’ve only done phase one. Phase one is 25% of 250 billion. I haven’t done phase two yet.”

Chemicals maker BASF says it will cut 6,000 jobs by the end of 2021. The Germany based company said in a news release the restructuring would save $340-million dollars. It makes chemicals for the plastics industry along with crop seed, animal feed ingredients and farm chemicals. The company had more than 122,000 employees last year.

As fast food companies move to offer more plant-based meat products, Arby’s is doing the opposite. Arby’s has been all in on catering to the carnivore. Now it’s offering Megetables..or vegetables made from meat. Arby’s showcasing the Marrot–a carrot made from Turkey Breast and colored with dried carrot powder.

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