It’s a beef about beef.

The Texas Commissioner of Agriculture had a bad experience at local restaurant and wanted to let the server know about it.
Last night, Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller dined at OHMS and wrote a note that left a bit of a bad taste in the restaurant owner’s mouth. 
“Guy came in and didn’t like the steak. We offered him something different, and he declined and then left his business card in his plate of food and then left his business card again and guest checkbook with a note in it and said he was unhappy with his meal,” said Josh Fuller, OHMS Cafe and Bar Chef and Manager.
“Awful”, “Terrible meal” and “Won’t be back”. 
These are just some of the comments commissioner Sid Miller left for his server last night.
He ordered a steak with mac and cheese and says he was given a steak that tasted like prime rib, which he does not like. 
“I didn’t really expect to be charged for a steak that I couldn’t eat. But they did. So I paid it and I didn’t say anything. I left Victoria a nice tip, a 20% tip billed for my meal and drink was $50. I left a $10 tip and left the note there for management,” said Miller.
Commissioner Miller tells us that this is something he does often. 
He’ll leave notes after bad service if something was wrong with the meal, but he says it’s was not expected to be taken in bad light. 
In fact, he calls it constructive criticism. 
“I appreciate it when if I have an employee who is not doing their job or they have a complaint and there’s something wrong with my operation I really appreciate people letting me know so I can correct it. And I’m not adverse to constructive criticism, and that’s what this was,” said Miller
Fuller tells us he’s surprised by the way Commissioner Miller acted because he is a public official. 
He tells us he doesn’t expect for this situation to bring bad press to their restaurant and says their food and reviews from other customers speak for themselves. 
The Commissioner says the note he gave to the server was meant to be private and not to be made public.