Affordable Housing this Fall at WT

Sixth and Eighth Semester Free

CANYON - Every semester, most college students are worried about how they are going to pay for school. 

From books to classes, and even food, it all begins to add up after awhile. 

This Fall, West Texas A&M University is helping certain students have one less payment to worry about. 

If you stay in on-campus housing for your entire college career, freshmen year to senior year, your sixth and eighth semester of on-campus housing is free. 

WT officials said this initiative will help students afford to live on-campus, and by getting them on-campus they said it helps with student success.

"We have a two-year live-on requirement for students. So once students fulfill their requirement, if they elect to stay with us through their junior year, we will not charge them for the spring semester for their housing of that junior year. Then they can actually get another semester for free if they stay on for their senior year," said Michael Knox, WT Vice President for Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success. 

So in all, he said the plan will be a full year free if they live on campus for the entire four years.

There is another plan for transfer students. It is not exactly the same deal but there will be a discount.

Knox told us even though they have some vacancies on-campus, this is not a program to drive occupancy for that sake. 

He added the halls are built because research shows students who live on-campus have better grades, higher graduation rates, and all that leads to student success.

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