Abandoned Mosque Vandalized with “Happy Birthday Jesus”


“Happy Birthday Jesus Christ from a real christian.” these are just some of the phrases spray painted on a former Mosque in Clovis.

The mosque also has the words “Trump” and “Christian” graffitied on the outside entrance and the building’s sign. 

Just looking at the mosque, it shows the signs of an abandoned building

Peeled paint on the top of the  building and this outside sign.

That’s what some people who live in the community told us.

We spoke with a former volunteer operator of the mosque, who now lives in Colorado.

He tells us the mosque has not been active since 2008 when he left Clovis. 

But it’s another story for the Clovis Police Department and city manager. 

The city manager would not say it’s abandoned and Clovis Police’s Public Information Officer says he has seen people come in and out of this building. 

He tells us the graffiti style on the mosque is similar to one they’ve seen around town.

Clovis Police Department Captain Roman Romero said, “The stylized ‘n’ is typical of our gang graffiti style people when they’re showing a disrespect towards that particular letter because of an association with a separate style gang.”

Romero say says this is the only mosque in Clovis and to his knowledge it’s the first time a place of worship has been vandalized.

The city manager says they’ve been trying to get a hold of the property owner to get permission to paint over the graffiti. 

Captain Romero says they heard about this incident this morning through phone calls and people posting about it on Facebook. 

There was no official police report until he filed it.

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