A Voice for the Community


He has a voice and a presence in the community, and he is using it to spread love and awareness.

David Lovejoy was born and raised in Amarillo. He remembers at a young age facing racism when the mother of a white boy did not want him playing with her son. 

“I can just vividly remember his mother coming out on the porch whenever me and this Hispanic young man were out there and saying you two can’t play here,” said Lovejoy. “Around 1979, my parents moved to the south side of Amarillo, which at that time was a very rare thing, for African Americans, would move what we used to say as south of I-40,”

Lovejoy uses his voice on local radio and through the NAACP to help raise awareness of local issues. He was vocal in the push to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary.

“I come from a family of people who have stood up and spoke out. My aunts were involved in the early civil rights movement here and in California. It has just always been in my nature to stand up and speak out, especially when it comes to issues of race and racism,” said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy hopes telling stories of the past will change the future.

“The Amarillo branch NAACP just celebrated 75 years in Amarillo, and my thought on that is I hope in another 75 years that the NAACP in Amarillo is a social club, that children today will not need the NAACP to stand up on issues or speak for them, that we have overcome those things,” Lovejoy added.

He said everyone can do their part by being more accepting and open to other people’s differences.

“What can I do today, and it can be the smallest thing, it doesn’t have to be a major big thing, it could be a nice hello or an accepting smile of someone. Those things all lead to making a better world and a better country,” said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy hopes more youth will become involved to help spread awareness and alleviate racism.

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