A Sit Down with Katie Phipps on Tonight’s Dateline Episode


The highly anticipated Dateline episode on the murder of Robin Spielbauer is airing tonight on KAMR Local 4 at 8 p.m.

They are calling it “The Pink Gun Mystery.”

It is a story we have followed since the beginning. From the murder of Robin Spielbauer to the wrongful accusation and release of Katie Phipps, and most recently, the trial and conviction of Jeremy Spielbauer.

“I’m a little nervous and I’m a little excited,” said Katie Phipps. “Everybody else’s story gets mixed in, but inevitability this is about Robin and what happened to her, and the justice that took place for her.”

Three to four years of interviews, court trials and investigation condensed into this two-hour special because of the sheer complexity of it all.

“Well, I’m amazed at all the attention the case has garnered,” said Randall County District Attorney James Farren. “I will say it’s one of the most interesting cases in my 35 years of prosecution, but I had no idea it would draw this kind of attention.”

Phipps told us the show first reached out to her family when she was in jail, by then she said she had been behind bars for eight months.

“My family was not willing to talk to them and eventually, maybe six months later, the producer had sent me a letter just introducing themselves and asking if I was willing to talk to them, and I was because at that point nobody was listening to me. So I leaked the entire case over a recorded phone line and letters to Dateline and they listened,” said Phipps.

Tonight, a nationwide audience will sit down and listen as well.

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