9/11 Survivor Shares Her Story of Surviving 27 Hours Under the Rubble of the World Trade Center


Imagine being found under the rubble after that attack, more than a day later, alive.

That is Genelle Guzman-McMillan’s 9/11 story.

She survived 27 hours under the World Trade Center and was the last survivor pulled from the debris.

Mark Phillips, the Executive Director of Overcomer Now Foundation, said for the past five years, they have brought in speakers who have overcome challenges and struggles in their own lives.

After hearing about Guzman-McMillan’s story, they brought her to Amarillo to share the events leading up to her miraculous rescue.

As well as what she penned in her book called “Angel in the Rubble.”

Phillips said 16 years ago today, Guzman-McMillan’s worked for the Port Authority of New York.

At the time she was on the 64th floor in the second tower of the World Trade Center.
When she saw what happened to the first tower, she knew she had to get out quickly.

Her group ran down the stairs from the 64th floor as far as they could go.

With every step, Guzman-McMillan said they were counting the number of stairs on each floor to know where they were.

They made it to the 13th floor when the tower fell on her, her coworkers, and her friends.

“She wrote a book titled, “Angel in the Rubble,” and it’s built around, part of the story is that she came in contact with a person that she could see, touch and even talk to, named Paul,” said Phillips.

Phillips told us in all of the research and in all of the years up until now, there is no record of a Paul ever being near Ground Zero.

He said it is clear to her and others who know her, that it was truly an angel.
Hence the name of her book, “Angel in the Rubble.”

If you’d like to hear her story first-hand, she will be speaking at Happy State Bank Training Center at 7 p.m. tonight.
Tickets are $20 per person.

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