28th Annual Amarillo South Rotary APD Officer of the Year Award Handed Out


The 28th Annual Amarillo South Rotary APD Officer of the Year Award was given out this morning for exemplary service to Corporal Tony Kennedy.

Corporal Kennedy was given the award after a recommendation from Sgt. Kevin Anderson.

Sgt. Anderson wrote:

On 09/21/18 the PACE Unit assisted the Special Victims Unit in an online-solicitation sting. After a full nights work, Corporal Kennedy received a call from his C.I. who advised that a wanted fugitive was at Peppertree Apartments and that he showed up in a stolen vehicle. Corporal Kennedy contacted Sgt. Lichtie who was working evening shift patrol. Sgt Lichtie and evening shift officers located the vehicle. This same vehicle was reported earlier with the occupants attempting to pass forged checks at Amarillo National Bank. Officers believed that there were several people in the apartment. After our sting operation was completed, the PACE Unit went to assist evenings. We made entry, and secured all five occupants. Three went to jail for warrants and on view offenses. Corporal Kennedy interviewed Cody Farley in attempt to get a confession on the stolen auto and the forgery investigation. He was the fugitive that had been driving the stolen auto. Cody confessed that all of the methamphetamine and the gun in the apartment were his. Farley confessed that he stole the vehicle in Lubbock and that he was driving the vehicle when he attempted to pass a forged check. During this confession, Corporal Kennedy obviously built up a rapport with Cody. Corporal Kennedy said that he was willing to listen when Cody said that a lot more had happened. Cody then confessed to committing a homicide where he shot and killed a man and another aggravated assault where he shot a female in the shoulder. Cody gave enough detail concerning the homicide that Det. Hagler with Special Crimes was contacted. After telling Det. Hagler what Cody said, we were told a black male had been identified by witnesses as the homicide suspect. Do to the detail that Cody had given concerning the homicide, Det. Hagler responded to the apartment complex. Det. Hagler spoke with Cody. Cody gave Det. Hagler more information concerning the homicide leading Det. Hagler to believe he had been involved. The information obtained from Cody led Special Crimes to the suspect vehicle which had been burned in Randall County. They were able to collect .40 caliber shell casings (the caliber used in the homicide) from the burned vehicle. This case was especially difficult since several of the witnesses named the wrong subject as the suspect. Corporal Kennedy helped Det. Hagler locate other witnesses/suspects and gave him vital information for this investigation. The misidentification by the witnesses was corrected during Grand Jury. As of now charges filed against the wrong suspect have been dropped, the correct suspect is in jail, and three to four more accomplices/suspects are identified and may also be filed on for murder. All of this was due to Corporal Kennedy’s interview with Cody Farley and his ability to build rapport and gain Cody’s trust.

On 12/15/18 at 1:30 pm, day shift patrol officers were dispatched to a robbery at Walmart Neighborhood Market 2711 SW 58th. A clothing description was given to the officers. When the first officer arrived, he located a subject who fit that description just a block away from Walmart. The officer began giving the suspect commands over the PA. At first the suspect complied but ran away before he could be taken into custody. Corporal Kennedy was off duty on this date. At 1:30 pm, he was standing in his front yard with his son. Corporal Kennedy heard an officer given commands over a PA in the distance. He then observed a WM running down his block. Corporal Kennedy cornered him between two houses and told him he was under arrest as a police car turned onto his street. This was the suspect in the reported robbery which actually turned out to be a theft. He was arrested for Theft and Evading Detention. If not for Corporal Kennedy’s quick action, this suspect may have gotten away from the on duty officers.

I would like to commend Corporal Kennedy for his hard work and attention to duty. He is an exceptional interviewer. In the first case he was able to gain confessions for multiple offenses. This included Possession of Methamphetamine, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Marijuana, Attempted Forgery, two counts of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Arson, Tampering with Evidence, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Murder. In the second case, Corporal Kennedy heard an officer giving orders over the PA then observed a suspect running and attempting to hide. Even though he was off duty, Corporal Kennedy’s quick action led to the arrest of a potential robbery suspect. These are just two examples of the work Corporal Kennedy does every day

Amarillo South Rotary subscribes to Rotary’s motto, “Service Above Self”.  Through this much-deserved recognition & honor, Amarillo South Rotary hopes to draw attention to the outstanding service this law enforcement officer has provided to the citizens of Amarillo.

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