21 Year Old Started Clothing Company Inside One Bedroom Apartment in Canyon


Everyone has their own vision, that’s the purpose behind Vision Company Apparel. 

21-year-old Braxton Kilgo took his love for clothing and decided he wanted to change lives with fabric. He started the company from a one bedroom apartment in Canyon, Texas. 

Braxton Kilgo, Owner and CEO of Vision Company Apparel said, “We slept in the kitchen and we had that whole one bedroom decked out as an office. We had shelves that wrapped all the way around and that’s where we kept all the inventory. That was in Canyon, Texas and that is where I started. In Canyon we moved it so much that we were like we got to get moving, we got to go somewhere else.” 

Kilgo started designing, producing, and selling his clothing. His clothes, however, are more than just something you wear. 

“It’s more than fabric like our whole goal is to show people that we believe in them and we want them to truly know that and know that there are still real people out there and we just want to show them that you only live one time and we really want to push that factor, we want you to be happy,” Kilgo said. 

It took over a year for Kilgo to come up with a name for the company. He wanted the name to mean something. 

Kilgo explained, “Everybody’s vision is different. Now whether it is everybody in the gym, not everyone in the gym is trying to be a bodybuilder. You may want to be an artist, or a musician, or a bus driver, or paint people’s fingernails, it doesn’t matter. Everybody has a different vision and that’s what’s so crazy about it, you can never cap that list.”
After getting out of his apartment, Kilgo worked out of a trailer. 
Now, the business owner is excited to have an office space in Fort Worth, TX to continue to grow and spread the vision. 
For more information about Vision Company Apparel, you can visit their Instagram, Facebook, or website

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