PAMPA — It’s the anniversary of one of the most memorable tornado outbreaks in panhandle history.

On June 8, 1995, 32 tornadoes touched down in the panhandle, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas.

One of the most destructive hit Pampa.

The F4 tornado that tore through the west side of Pampa is considered the costliest, most destructive tornado in the town’s history.

The slow moving twister was on the ground for at least 15 minutes, leaving a path of destruction three miles long.

When it was all over, dozens of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed causing $30 million dollars in damage.

Many of the businesses in the affected area are new because they were either heavily damaged or destroyed in the tornado.

Tommy Murry was working at Howard Compressor Service when the twister struck.

“The thing was only, it was a quarter of a mile if that far. Maybe, I’d say 500 yards away. So, I went in and he said man, we gotta get out of here. And I said, no, lets’ just get in the restroom. And about that time, as we got to the bathroom, it hit. The ground was shaking. The building was trembling and everything, the doors was rattling.” Murry said.

Of all the damage that was done, only seven people suffered minor injuries and no one was killed.

The people of Pampa were ready for the storm because it had been pegged as a severe weather day.

Several tornadoes touched down that day including another weaker one that hit north of Pampa, but it’s the f4 no one will forget.

At least 250 businesses were damaged or destroyed