CAMERON PARISH, La. (KLFY) As residents get the first look at their homes in Cameron Parish, some are learning there’s nothing left.

News Ten’s Jiovanni Lieggi spoke to the owner of a home that has been standing for over a century and learned how she’s dealing with the damage.

“It’s all happening again, this was the breezeway and the entry way into the house and now quite literally there is a very good breeze going through here.”

“A lot of my uncles kitchen appliances, pots, pans, things like that, but we have pasta sauce. A bench, and pictures right here, obviously there was a wall. This was the original breezeway of the house when it was first built in 1915, so it has gone through alot. For Audrey (hurricane) it didn’t flood, for Rita (hurricane) it looks like it does now, and for Ike (hurricane) it didn’t flood, and now Laura it flooded again, a lot like it was 15 years ago. I was only 12 then, but I still remember, and you kind of tuck those memories away and now they’re all back in the forefront cause it looks just like it did for Hurricane Rita.” Homeover Shelby Fountain

15 years ago when Hurricane Rita passed through, this house looked exactly like it does now and despite the halls being hallow once again, Shelby says the house has been passed down from generation to generation and it’s going to be fixed for the next.

So there’s so much history in this house, your grandfather, your great-grandfather–
great great grandfather was the one who built this house.

“Yes he built this part of it, the little part he had moved in, so every generation of my family has lived here.” Fountain said.

“We just kind of joke about things to get it out, so that way you don’t keep it bottled up and be upset about it all the time. Yes, that’s new additions, at least we have something to come back to and something to fix.”

Now once again for many people down in Cameron Parish, they weren’t as lucky as this homeowner.

For most of the people returning to their homes, the only thing remaining is a slab of cement.

In Cameron Parish, I’m Jiovanni Lieggi.