A 103-year-old man cruised down Palo Duro’s zip line this afternoon.

The zip line or “Big Zip” in Palo Duro Canyon is a fourth of a mile long ride that drops almost 200 feet down for tourists.

Starting several months ago at Carillon LifeCare Community, residents decided to try the ride during their visit to the High Plains.

One of the riders just so happened to be 103 years old and he says once he got over his gut anxiety the ride was fun and really comfortable.

“Well, the zip line was great. I enjoyed it so much and it wasn’t near as dangerous as I thought it would be,” says Elvin Howell, the 103-year-old zip-line-rider, “of course they had me buckled in pretty safely and I wasn’t scared after I saw what they were doing.”

Carillon LifeCare Community is frequently traveling with their residents and says they would do the “Big Zip” again.