100-Year-Old Wichita Falls Birthday Vet Gets His Wish

.A Texas World War Two veteran has a simple wish.

He'd like lots and lots of birthday cards when he turns 100-years-old on March 2nd.

Joe Cuba told Brookdale Senior Living Solutions in Wichita Falls that he'd like to get 100 cards for his birthday -- one for every year he's been alive.

The staffer posted a picture of Joe holding a sign with his request and that picture took off!

He's already gotten 10,000 birthday cards and counting from places all over the world.

He's also received coffee mugs, blankets, and plenty of treats.

Joe is really enjoying all the goodies.

World War II Vet Joe Cuba says, "Well, I thank everyone of them. They did give and that's what counts."

Joe and his family plan to extend his birthday celebration past March 2nd by flying to Washington D.C.

The veteran has never seen the World War Two Memorial, but now he will -- courtesy of Honor Flight.

If you want to participate, cards can be mailed to or dropped off at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions in Wichita Falls

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