1 in 3 people could get this Alzheimer’s-like disease by 85


Researchers now have a term for a new form of dementia one targeting people at an older age than Alzheimer’s.

One in three seniors over the age of 85 with Alzheimer’s may actually have what medical professionals are calling “LATE”.

This, according to experts at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

The name for this dementia speaks volumes.

People can start developing Alzheimer’s symptoms around the age of 65.

Experts say symptoms of the “LATE” dementia don’t set in until much older.

This is because the progression happens at a slower rate than Alzheimer’s.

Doctors say autopsied brains show people with “LATE” also have a toxic buildup of protein adding this can mean the dementia is caused by something different than Alzheimer’s. 

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