AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —The Potter County Sheriff’s Office completed its seventh week of its Citizens Academy. Citizens were able to hear from Training and Personnel, School Resource Officers, and the Drone Department.

“We’ll start with Training and Personnel. We do everything from the beginning, we take it or accept all the applications for everybody that works at the sheriff’s office, from the correction officers all the way to the kitchen staff,” said Training and Personnel Lieutenant Kory Brown.

Lt. Brown said that he has been working for 19 years and with his dad working as a deputy, so it has always been in his blood to work in law enforcement.

“It’s more important than ever, that we get the word out of kind of what we do because we do have a stigma right now. So, it’s good that we do this for the citizens of Potter County to kind of let them know what we do behind the scenes,” said Brown.

School Resource Officers also came to cover everything that they do for the county.

“I think the biggest thing is building those relationships, building that gap between student relations and law enforcement. Sometimes students see us on their worst day, whether it’s something with their parents or something that they’re going through,” said Deputy Rashondra Sheppard. “I think having that constant law enforcement face that they can count on and believe on and see, outside of actual work, law enforcement work, I think it’s what’s very needed.”

Deputy Sheppard said that working in River Road High School shows a great representation of law enforcement in the area.

“I think that’s a that’s another big thing is to let them know, I was born and raised here in Amarillo, Texas, from the north side, North pride. Being able to have this uniform on and portray myself the way I do. I think it’s a big, big eye opener for a lot, a lot of people,” said Sheppard.

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