Eating junk food may permanently damage male fertility


A new study finds a "western diet" can cause irreversible damage to fertility. Researchers say young men who eat pizza, candy and chips have a lower sperm count.

Listen up, future dads.

If you want to have kids one day you may have to give up junk food.

A new study suggests a poor diet can cause permanent damage to male fertility.

Researchers from Harvard University looked at nearly 3,000 men ages 18 to 20 finding those who eat lots of processed meat and junk food have the lowest average sperm counts while those with a balanced diet of fish, fruit, and vegetables have the healthiest sperm counts.

The biggest culinary culprits to look out for include pizza, chips, and red meat.

Researchers say processed food can kill off sperm-producing cells that can never be replaced while switching to a healthier diet could eventually repair sperm production, the study notes eating poorly younger in life might lead to irreversible harm. 

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