Working From Home: The New Future


Millions of Americans have shifted to telecommuting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many may never go back.

(NBC News) Millions of Americans shifted to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that may lead to a permanent shift in remote work.

According to the Census Bureau, workers were spending about an hour a day commuting prior to the coronavirus outbreak.  That’s 200 hours each year.

Now many are spending that extra time saved logged in and on the job.  Recent studies show most workers are actually more productive at home.

According to data from NordVPN, homebound employees are logging three hours more per day on the job than before lockdowns.

It could end up being a permanent shift.  Major employers including Nationwide, Mondelez and Barclays say they’re working on a permanent shift to working from home and reducing office spaces.

At the same time, employers are utilizing software like Hubstaff to keep tabs on workers.

Bosses can track everything from your GPS coordinates to what websites you’re visiting while you’re using company equipment running the app.

“Unfortunately for worker privacy, that’s actually quite legal,” says Verge’s Zoe Schiffer.

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