AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “This is a story about love, about perseverance. And we fought we all fought to get where we are today and this is our tiny family’s legacy, and I’m so happy that we’re able to share it with other people.” said Kristian Ormson.

In December of 2020, Kristian Ormson first began to notice what were symptoms of COVID-19.

Kristian described his symptoms as, “Dealing with disorientation, severe headache, body aches, chills, fever, and then it just progressed, and started getting worse and went to my lungs in January.”

Once it became difficult to breathe, on January 25th, Kristian and his wife, Ashley Ormson, decided it was time to get Kristian to the hospital.

“I ended up in the hospital for approximately six and a half months. And, you know, the journey itself just just kept snowballing,” said Kristian. He continued to say, “I had no idea when I first went in that things would progress to August, when I went in in January. And my wife, she just did an incredible job holding down the fort.”

Throughout the 189 days Kristian was away from home in the hospital, he survived two weeks in a coma, 30 days on the ventilator, and endured 15 chest tubes and one major lung surgery.

Additionally, Kristian noted that the hospital staff became like a second family.

“They would just sit with me and talk with me when I was in the ICU. I was there for around 75 days, and those people became family, because I was only able to see my wife about an hour or so a day.”

During these tough times for her family, Ashley was doing her best to visit her husband as much as possible, all while taking care of three children at home.

“I had to talk to doctors, talk to nurses get all the information I needed, and then I would also have to come home and put on like my mom hat if you will. And then be a single parent, you know the rest of the time, and take care of the kids’ lunch, school and homework and all those things,” stated Ashley.

Looking back on his time at the hospital, Kristian added, “I didn’t look recognizable to my family. I lost so much weight and they rolled me in- in a wheelchair.”

Now that the Ormson family has been able to reunite at home, once again, Kristian shared that they are now making up for lost time. “You can’t replace family. You can’t replace your kids, your spouse, and your loved ones. You just miss out on that contact, right.”

Kristian and Ashley were not the only ones happy about the grand homecoming. While speaking with KAMR, the Ormson’s children shared how happy, surprised, and excited they were to have their dad back home.

While the family’s journey is not over yet, they are just happy to be together again.

“There are so many others out there suffering right now that that will need to tell their story and unfortunately, those that won’t be able to tell their story. So we’re thankful to be able to do that,” said Kristian.

To watch Ashley’s video of Kristian’s surprise homecoming that went viral on TikTok, click here.