MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – Holiday check lists are changing – from buying gifts and decorating to getting tested for COVID-19.

McLennan Community College is partnering up with the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District to get people tested and vaccinated.

“We encourage and have continued to push the message. And because of that, up around the holidays, we’ve seen that we have an uptick in people that use it. Which is good,” says McLennan Community College Emergency Management Director Frank Patterson.

Kelly Craine with the McLennan County Public Health District says they have also seen this trend.

“Started right before Thanksgiving. So a lot of kids are coming back now to get their second dose, so they can be fully vaccinated,” Craine says.

Craine says McLennan County has seen an increase of seniors getting their booster shots. As of now, the McLennan County Public Health District has 16 mobile clinics open a week – including a location at McLennan Community College.

“When our students and faculty get tested, this and put it right into the state systems, the Department of State Health Services gets our results. The whole thing,” says Patterson.

The Department of State Health Services detects the different variants and notifies the local health district – whether that county has the omicron variant. Craine confirms with FOX 44 there is no omicron variant at this point.

“The key to protecting yourself is, first, get vaccinated. Make sure everyone around you, make sure your family, your friends are vaccinated. That’s the best way to protect yourself.”