AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A new website was created by a man in the UK as a way to keep track of data concerning the number of people getting vaccines, and the number of vaccines available.

“Currently regarding the vaccines, I believe there are 60 or 70 countries right now that have entered the vaccine rollout and I have created some sort of scripts on the website,” George Karabassis, the founder of this vaccine tracker website, called

The website keeps information up to date by taking numbers directly from the source.

“When it comes to the vaccines. Lets say you’re going to be vaccinated today the number’s going to be added to the database of the hospital then the hospital is going to send the information to the department of health,” Karabassis, explained.

After that is done the Department of Health, will release the information publicly, showing another case has been found in that state’s county.

“It fetches the data twice a day for the vaccination,” Karabassis, said concerning the website.

Karabassis said soon he will make that number increase to keep it updated and so far he is operating it by himself.

For those wondering this site does not include anyone’s name, personal information, or who has received the vaccine.